The Mystery of the Giant Snakes of Japan Is Yet To Be Explained

2 The giant snakes of Japan grew to 30 feet

Mount Tateiwa in Gumma prefecture is another mountain said to be inhabited by monstrous snakes which was reported by hikers and travelers in the area for centuries. On January 24th 1987, a 23 feet long snake was spotted by a farmer Asakura Kayoko on his poultry farm in Krochi prefecture. What he thought was a log in his chicken coop turned out to be a gigantic snake eating one of his chickens. Eyewitnesses in Izu prefecture claimed to have seen a monstrous white snake almost 30 feet long which halted construction of a hotel in the area. It had appeared out of the wilderness but subsequent inspection revealed nothing of the snake which may have escaped deep into the forest.

Three young men in Kochi prefecture were hiking when they came across a gnat snake 26 feet long slithering across their trail. They mistook the creature for a utility pole and were shocked when it began to move. The sightings of such giant snakes of Jaan have raised a huge debate as to the credibility of the creature’s existence. Experts feel that snakes like anacondas, pythons and boas would have a hard time surviving the conditions on the mountainous areas of Japan.

giant snakes of Japan grew

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