The Mystery of the Giant Snakes of Japan Is Yet To Be Explained

3 Where did the giant snakes come from?

Nobody has a clue where such snakes could have come from. While escaped exotic pets may be a possible reason, still they would not survive the environment being unlike its own natural surroundings in the tropical rainforests. The only exception is the Boa constrictor native to South America which can reach lengths upto 13 feet. Boa constrictors do not have specialized ecological preferences and have a high tolerance of habitat. However if these snakes were indeed boas, then they would be the larger than the species known to man.

The question put forward by debate is what exactly did the witnesses see? The largest known snake in Japan is the Hie Habu that grows to a maximum of 10 feet. IT is also native to the southern islands of Japan. And not in the areas where the reports originated. The only possible answer is an undocumented species of snake of which there has been no fossil record in Japan.

venomous snakes of japan

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4 It seems giant snakes aren’t only exclusive to the Amazon

Snakes such as pythons and anacondas can of course grow to such lengths as mentioned in the reports however these aren’t native to Japan and it was highly likely that they existed as pets and were released to grow further in the wild. While these species are used to a tropical humid climate. Japan forests feature a temperate colder climate unfavorable for snakes.

The fact that the giant snakes of Japan do exist is terrifying as it is frightening. If they are real, it will prove that the phenomena of such giant creatures do not only exist in the Amazon and the rainforests of the world. Even as there is no concrete evidence to support the facts that such monstrous creatures do exists in Japan, still eye witness reports will always cause the local populations to fear and remain in wonder of what lurks out there.

Snakes such as pythons

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