Photographers Witness an Amazing Scene Of 5 Cheetahs Crossing A Raging River Infested with Crocodiles

4It was breath-taking for the spectators

Seeing this happening was breath-taking for the humans. Soon two more cheetahs jumped into the water. While everyone waited with bated breath, two photographers in the group Arnfin Johansen and Buddhilini De Soya captured the entire incident beautifully with incredible pictures that you’re seeing here. They captured the drama that unfolded perfectly.

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5The cheetahs hunt on both sides of the river

The photographers had been following the cheetahs for some times, they revealed that the cheetahs are habituated to hunt on both sides of the Talek river and that’s why they wanted to cross it.

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In a usual circumstance, they would have crossed the river by hopping on stones but because of the incessant rains, the river was almost in spate and the stones were no longer visible.

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6The river is also home to the Nile crocodile

Johansen explained to reporters that the cheetahs were pacing up and down for some time trying to find a suitable spot to cross but the string current was dangerous and the river is also the home of the Nile crocodile making things worse for the cheetahs who would have been an easy meal.

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7Crocodile attack any animal trying to cross

The photographer said that there was a possibility of high casualties because recently one cheetah who tried crossing the river was attacked by crocs who took it down. This is why crossing the river was a huge risk for the family of cheetahs who decided to do it anyways. The group of cheetahs were five brothers.

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