Photographers Witness an Amazing Scene Of 5 Cheetahs Crossing A Raging River Infested with Crocodiles

8Others followed the leader

Once the largest male had jumped into the water, others took his lead and followed after waiting for a few seconds. The photographers saw that the cheetahs just didn’t like what they were experiencing but they fought the current bravely to get to the other side unscathed. The funniest part remarked Johansen was when the lead cheetah shook himself, he hissed at the river.

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9The Masai Mara is one of the most famous reserves in the world

Masai Mara is a preserved area of Savannah wilderness in Kenya Rift Valley Province. It stretches across 1,510 square kilometres and is home to wildlife and tribal villages. The expanse gets its name from the Masai tribe who refer to the land as the Mara. The vast area was established as a National Reserve in 1961 and there is a peaceful coexistence between man and animal who roam freely.

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10Home to the big five

The Masai Mara is a breath-taking place and is home to Africa’s big 5 The African elephant, Cape buffalo, African Leopard, African lion and the African Rhino. Besides these, it also is home to thousands of wildebeests zebras, gazelles, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos and 500 bird species.

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11Hosts the breath-taking wildebeest migration every year

The Masai Mara is frequented by several award-winning photographers whose photos have been featured in most wildlife photography competitions held by the likes of Sony, and National Geographic. The most dramatic scenes that unfold in the reserve is the annual wildebeest migration as over 2 million of them can be seen travelling across 50 miles from the Serengeti National Park to the Masa Mara. Of these nearly 250,000 don’t make it because of thirst, exhaustion and falling prey to predators. Several other thousand animals including gazelles and zebras also follow the same route crossing the Mara River as well. The best time or visit the reserve is between July and October.

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