Project Habakkuk: The Amazing Secret Warship of Britain That Was Made From Ice

The Second World War was one of the worst moments in history. It was a time that unleashed deplorable acts of humanity and incessant killing over a period of five years. As nations fought each other, the world suffered its worst crisis. However in such perilous times, there were moments of wonder, drama and some bizarre happenings documented as the most fantastic moments of World War II. The oceans and seas for instance were witness to bloody maritime battles as famous battle ships fought for supremacy of the seas. To meet the German threat, a British scientist planned a secret ship made from ice.

In the North Atlantic as allied ships were facing the wrath of the German U boat Menace, England faced a crisis of a different kind. The shortage of steel was plaguing the ship breaking industry and war ships was in short supply. One British scientist then created the unthinkable.

1 Project of ship made from ice was passed by Lord Mountbatten and Winston Churchill

British Scientist Geoffrey Pyke who worked at the war headquarters as chief advisor to Lord Mountbatten. Pyke came up with a fantastic idea of making an aircraft carrier out of ice. He felt that ice is hard and would not sink. Damage could easily be repaired by freezing new chunks of ice.

His incredible idea would be created from a huge chunk of an arctic ice berg whose leveled surface would act as a landing platform. The hollow center would protect aircraft. He actually sold the mad idea to Mountbatten and even convinced Winston Churchill. The new project was named Habakkuk!

Project of ship made from ice

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