Project Habakkuk: The Amazing Secret Warship of Britain That Was Made From Ice

2 Habakkuk would be a massive gunship cum aircraft carrier

Habakkuk would be 2000 feet long and 300 feet wide. It would weigh 2 million tones and would have a hull 40 feet thick making it torpedo proof. It would also be armed with 40 double barrel gun turrets and several light anti- aircraft guns. It would accommodate 150 bombers or fighter planes. A cooling system would keep the ice refrigerated and hard preventing it from melting.

The project actually took hold where a 1000 ton prototype was built on Patricia Lake in the Canadian Rockies. The ship was fitted with a 1 hp refrigeration system to cool it during summer. In a huge boost to the project, researchers from Brooklyn Polytechnic discovered a wonder material named Pykrete that was derived from freezing sawdust mixed with water.

gunship cum aircraft carrier

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3 The ambitious project for a secret ship made form ice

The new material was compression resistant and 14 times stronger than ice. It could even be machined and cast into different shapes like metal. The miracle material was the exact item Pyke needed to complete his project. the blueprints for the aircraft carrier was drawn up where one Habakkuk ship would require 300,000 tons of wood pulp, 25, 000 tons of fiberboard insulation, 35,000 tons of timber and 10,000 tons of steel. The cost was estimated at 700,000 pounds.

project for a secret ship

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