Project Habakkuk: The Amazing Secret Warship of Britain That Was Made From Ice

4 Construction and cost problems

During construction, problems arose pushing up the costs to 2.5 million pounds. Moreover the speed was only 6 knots which was to slow for a war ship. The biggest problem was the raw material as there was a shortage of wood and steel. Moreover the entire infrastructure was so massive that it could not be afforded by the army.


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5 Scrapped due to surmounting costs and shortage of manpower

Ultimately Project Habakkuk was scrapped and the money generated was reassigned to building an airstrip in Azores that would enable the allies to hunt U-boats easily in the Atlantic. Larger fuel tanks to British aircraft were also added with the money so that patrol time over the Atlantic could be extended and escort for carriers increased.

The only proof of Project Habakkuk, the secret ship made from ice is its prototype now lies at the bottom of Patricia Lake in Alberta Canada. In 1985, a diving expedition recovered the wooden walls of the hull bitumen insulation and cold air ductwork. The divers also placed an underwater plaque to commemorate the project.

Project Habakkuk

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