Scientists discover new method of filtering sea water into drinking water

3 Research of filtering seawater, the first of its kind

The new research of converting seawater into drinking water was the first of its kind where the spacing of pores in the membrane can be controlled. This enables desalination a process not possible before. Dr Nair says, the filtration method will now be compared with the latest state of the art filtration gadgets available commercially today.

Doctor Ram Devanathan from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland US said that more research was required to observe the long term use of a graphene membrane sieve in converting sea water into drinking water to gauge its resistance to fouling and biological material. Moreover, research will also be required to find an inexpensive method top produce the graphene member sieve to make it available commercially.

Research of filtering seawater

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4 Drinking water resources to be vastly reduced by 2025 says the UN

As per UN statistics, by 2025, 14% of the world’s population will suffer from lack of drinking water. This is why according to Dr Devanathan, the need of the hour is to create a filtration device that will convert salt water into drinking water. Perhaps it is graphene which will answer that in the very near future.

As one of the most versatile elements to have discovered in the 21st century, graphene is 10 times stronger than steel.

Drinking water resources

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