Scientists Discover Woman with Mutant Rainbow Vision who Sees 99 Million Colors

When you see a landscape or a pretty garden in color what do you see? Green trees with brown tree trunks, flowering plants well basically all that your eyes allow you to see but!! What if I tell you that you’re not really seeing every possible color of nature reflecting off those objects? As normal people we just see a fixed amount of colors existing in the spectrum visible to us. Concetta Antico on the other hand is different. This woman sees 99 million colors to 100 million shades unlike any other human.

1 Concetta can see a mosaic of colors

When she sees a leaf, she sees orange-red and purple around its shadow. Concetta is what science calls a tetrachromat an extremely rare condition that enables her you see a mosaic of color and as an artist even paints what she sees and this is one example.

mosaic of colors

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Concetta Antico is an Australian artist living in San Diego California. She is a tetrachromat which means she has more receptors in her eyes to see and detect color than the average human. The artist sees 99million colors and shades in comparison to a normal person who can see only 1 million. If you see a rose in just plain red, she could be seeing not just the red rose but colors surrounding it.

Concetta Antico is an Australian artist

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