Scientists have discovered a Giant Crack in Antarctica that can cause the world’s largest iceberg

Geologists researching the vast wilderness of Antarctica have discovered something extraordinary. They have located a massive crack in the ice shelf Larsen C which will soon give way and is to become the largest iceberg on earth. The size of the gigantic iceberg is estimated to be twice the size of the smallest European country.

1 How big is this Iceberg actually?

For a layman to understand the giant magnitude of this iceberg, it can be compared to the “Shard” a 95 storey superstructure built in the Southwark, London which is 309.6 meters high. If the giant crack in Antarctica ice shelf does give way to the massive iceberg, it will be ecologically disastrous for the planet.

Larsen C is the fourth largest ice shelf in Antarctica. According to scientists’ observations made at the beginning of this year, the giant natural crack has actually moved and increased by at least 10 km! Currently this “crack” is already 175 kms long! Although it’s difficult to predict the actual time when the chunk breaks away but when this iceberg finally separates from the ice shelf it would be the largest human history has ever recorded.

How big is this Iceberg actually

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  1. Johannes says:

    please everybody make the following experiment. Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes, then you add so much water that it is full to the brim and every little distortion would cause it to spill. The ice will melt, but will it flood your table??? After that ask yourself why ice floats on water.
    Probably those scientists arent really scientists…..#