Scientists have discovered a Giant Crack in Antarctica that can cause the world’s largest iceberg

2 What caused this giant rift?

According to the scientist of the BAS or British Antarctic Survey, it is just a matter of months when the big plunge will occur. The reason for the situation has given rise to many theories. Scientists have been monitoring and recording the events for a long time with aerial pictures to substantiate the event. These were taken while travelling by air to pick up their tools from the ground. Scientists blame global warming to be the biggest reason for the giant crack in Antarctica in the Larson C ice shelf. The iceberg created in the process is expected to be twice the size of Luxembourg.

British Antarctic Survey

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3 What are its implications?

According to Dr. Paul Holland iceberg calving is natural process which happens pretty regularly all the time and there is a high chance that Larsen C will remain stable even after the calving. But, if the calving leaves Larsen C unstable, it could result in more calving causing a retreat of Larson C. This process is causing the giant crack in Antarctica. He also added that stability of ice shelves is very important as it resists the flow of grounded ice inland.

He also remarked that the collapse of Larsen B caused its tributary glaciers to gush out which cause sea levels to rise. Scientists will only be able to make a proper estimate of the condition whether good or bad after Larsen C has calved.

iceberg calving is natural

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  1. Johannes says:

    please everybody make the following experiment. Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes, then you add so much water that it is full to the brim and every little distortion would cause it to spill. The ice will melt, but will it flood your table??? After that ask yourself why ice floats on water.
    Probably those scientists arent really scientists…..#

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