Stunning images that will make you reconsider your existence in the universe

How significant or insignificant are we? Many of tend to view our lives from a very materialistic perspective where life revolves around the mundane tasks of an everyday world. Have you ever contemplated your existence from a larger perspective? Where do you stand in this wide infinite universe? Rather than feel the world revolving around you.

Could you view yourself as just a speck in the grand ocean of being? Take a look at these images to reconsider your existence and only then you will understand where you stand.

1 The distance between earth and the moon

The distance between the earth and moon is 384,400 km. Did you know you could fit every planet in the solar system in the space between the earth and moon and still have miles to spare?

distance between earth and the moon

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2 Do you think the earth is huge?

Here is a comparison between the Earth and Jupiter which is 588 million km away from Earth. While the Earth’s circumference is 40,075 km, Jupiter is 439,264 km.

comparison between the Earth and Jupiter

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3 What if Earth had rings like Saturn?

This is what we would be seeing from different places on earth.

Earth had rings like Saturn

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4 Did you know how large a comet can be?

Well here is a comet next to Los Angeles. Imagine a comet crashing into Earth; it could wipe out entire cities.

comet crashing into Earth

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5 A comparison between Earth and the planets of the solar system

Earth is a miniature marble compared to other planets. Look how big or rather how small Earth actually is in front of the big daddies of the solar system.

planets of the solar system

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