Stunning images that will make you reconsider your existence in the universe

12 This is us in the Milky Way

The visual shows our position in the grand Milky Way which is the galaxy we belong to. However there are galaxies far far and millions of miles away that would make the Milky Way look like another speck of gas in the universe.

Milky Way

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13 The galactic group called Laniakea

The Laniakea supercluster is a Galaxy which plays hoe to the Milky Way as well as 100,000 galaxies nearby. The supercluster is so huge that it contains galaxies stretched over 160 megaparsecs or 520 million light years away.

Laniakea supercluster

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14 And that’s a black hole

The black hole NGC 1277 next to Earth and Neptune’s orbits. NGC 1277 was discovered recently and is the largest black hole in the universe estimated to have a mass of 17 billion suns. It exists 250 million light years away from Earth. Now you know from such images will reconsider your existence on Earth and make you think differently as to where we stand in the Universe.

black hole

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