Ten Mind Twisting Images Of Illusion Art That Will Blow Your Mind

Magic realism or surrealism art can really blow your mind away. Now while Salvador Dali mesmerized us with his dream like, Robert Gonsalves will freak you out not because of painting like dripping clocks and barren desserts but surrealism integrated into daily life. What transpires in his paintings is a border of sorts between realities merging into dreams. His paintings are optical illusions that will scatter your brain with its dual art perspective. He forces your brains and eyes to work together so enjoy this mind tingling journey of ten awesome examples of Gonsalves’ optical illusion art.

1 Moondreams

If you were in a dream and staring at the moon most probably this is what it would look like.


Image Source: www.imgur.com

2 Lady of the lake

Did you notice the maidens on first glance?

Lady of the lake

Image Source: www.tiaurus.info

3 A puzzle that takes you to another land

Imagine a puzzle in which you can simply walk right into. This is truly a dream and illusion art at its best.

puzzle that takes you to another land

Image Source: www.artfido.com

4 Bridge of souls

If you looked at the dark area of the bridge first, were you freaked out by the human figures as pillars?

Bridge of souls

Image Source: www.ksanytch.ru

5 A sea of clouds?

This is one awesome picture, is it the sea, the clouds, the ships or the kites. Look at an upward angle they become kites in a sky of clouds, lower the angle of vision they become ships on a sea. That’s crazy.

A sea of clouds

Image Source: www.imgur.com

6 Cityscape

Cityscape? Only it really isn’t when you look at what the kids are doing. The backdrop is a city line if you look closely.


Image Source: www.pinimg.com

7 Never Never land

Doesn’t this remind you of a scene from Peter Pan where the darling kids fly off to Never Never Land? Illusion art seeks to seem what actually isn’t and Gonsalves is incredible.

Never Never land

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

8 Spiritual waterfall

Monks handcrafting a monastery and it actually looks like a waterfall. Sheer genius.

Spiritual waterfall

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

9 Dream Street

One of the best examples of illusion art, this is truly a dream, you’re cycling on a street but actually, you’re on air.

Dream Street

Image Source: www.artfido.com

10 The Astral Plane?

Would you consider this a nightmare or a surreal dream? Either way it looks a bit creepy as if you’re actually walking in the astral plane.

The Astral Plane

Image Source: www.artfido.com

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