The Most Connected Man in the World Is a Marvel of Technology

Have you ever heard of the internet of things? It is the latest in communications technology that enables interconnectivity of almost every possible electronic device you can think of. Imagine a human being as a walking, breathing hub of interconnectivity!! What would you say to that?

Meet Chris Dancy, the most connected man on earth. Chris has connected himself to 700 sensors that receive data archiving every second of his existence. Sounds too fantastic to be true? No!! Because this American software developer is very real and possesses almost every conceivable device of smart technology ever made.

7 Connected to 700 smart sensors feeding him data every second

Chris Dancy regards his life as an INNER NET. At any given moment he has 700 sensors receiving and feeding him data of almost every aspect of his movements through daily life. Connecting almost all the smart devices that he owns to a single platform, he has achieved the status of a walking hub of communication.

Chris started his mammoth task four years ago when his doctor had a hard time keeping up with records. He claims that this was one reason. The other being the fear of the internet losing valuable data in the event of a shutdown, so he went ahead and created his own personal communications network.

Chris Dancy the marvel man

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6 He wears seven smart devices on his body

As the most connected man on earth, today Dancy travels with seven such devices strapped to his body. One of course is the famous Google glass headset which records everything in his field of vision. A Memoto camera hanging around his neck clicks photos every 30 seconds, a pebble wrist watch receives and sends alerts form his smartphones. His other wrist commands a FitBit Flex, a device that records his sleeping patterns and daily mobility. Even his Beddit mattress cover can track sleeping patterns along with the FitBit device.

Chris Dancy wears seven smart devices on his body

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5 A Device that warns him not to slouch

Wait!!! There’s much more, he has a heart rate monitor strapped to his chest and a Body Media fitness tracker strapped to his upper arm. There is a Lumoback posture sensor tucked under his waistband which vibrates when he slouches. That of course is the most amazing device which corrects posture since most of us tend to slouch while working without even knowing it.

Device that warns him not to slouch

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4 A lifestyle revolutionized by smart technology

Dancy has his dogs tracked through Tagg, a device that tracks their movement and activity. Every part of Dancy’s house in Denver is equipped with technology that is interconnected to his network. Data received from all devices inform Dancy about present conditions which help him to adjust and rectify his lifestyle every second. In short, Dancy has utilized technology to revolutionize his way of living for an improved and healthier lifestyle.

lifestyle revolutionized by smart technology

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