The Most Connected Man in the World Is a Marvel of Technology

3 His methods have helped him lose weight and improve health

Dancy’s data assisted lifestyle has helped him lose a whopping 100 pounds in just 18 months. He is calm and composed at all times and lives tension free knowing that every moment of his life including every second of his physical state is being archived successfully .Such data would make valuable information for any doctor treating Dancy for any given medical condition.

lose weight and improve health

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2 Home lighting to detect atmospheric changes

Dancy’s communications network is so phenomenal that even atmospheric changes are detected and revealed through changes of lighting in his home. But!! Does this get Dancy down because of wearing too many devices? Well he does take an off day from wearing them as he says in his own words. “I do take days off with little to no tracking from wearable’s, but because I have so many systems that automatically track what I’m doing, it’s impossible to truly disconnect.”

Dancy’s communications network is so phenomenal

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1 Smart technology will soon govern our lives in future

According to Dancy, the most connected man on earth, the world is fast evolving in terms of technological advances. People will soon start living similar technologically assisted lifestyles in order to service data for optimized performances at work and for a health. However, Dancy feels within a decade, every aspect of our lives will be governed by technology.

There is a cautionary note to which Dancy says people living in a smart world should be careful when it comes to data sharing. Connectivity has helped Dancy become a better person and his message is this: “Self doubt, Fear and negativity are just parts of the brain, they have no Impact, and they have no power!!!”

Smart technology will soon govern our lives in future

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