The Time When The Niagara Falls Went Dry And The Important Reason Why!

Did you know that the Niagara Falls is actually a combination of three waterfalls located on the border of USA and Canada? Together they form 85,000 cubic feet of water falling from a height of 185 feet and has a collective flow rate more than any other waterfall in the world.

Any tourist viewing this gigantic body of falling water would never contemplate the scenario when the Niagara Falls ran dry. Could it even be possible for the flow of the falls to be stopped given its powerful velocity and massive volume? Well!! It actually did, The Niagara Falls did run dry at one time between June and November 12th 1969. That sounds fascinating doesn’t it?

1 When the falls ran dry

You can well imagine the deathly silence during the time the Niagara Falls ran dry. Photographs of the event were unearthed by a man Russ Glasson from Connecticut. During that time in 1969, the US army corps of engineers and US Geologists had undertaken a mammoth project to improve the health of the falls.

When the Niagara falls ran dry

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2 Water from the river was diverted to neighboring falls in the area

The flow of the Niagara River was diverted away from the US side of the falls for several months to enable infrastructural repairs. A 600 foot dam was constructed across the river to enable the diversion. Till that day, the Niagara Falls had flown freely for 12,000 years. To create the dam, 27,800 tons of rock transported by 1264 trucks was placed strategically across the river to stop the flow. A majority of the 60,000 gallons of water was diverted to the Horseshoe Falls one of the three waterfalls that now makes up the huge Niagara Falls.

Niagara River was diverted away from the US

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