The Time When The Niagara Falls Went Dry And The Important Reason Why!

3 Witnessed by thousands of tourists

The plan was set in motion to remove rock and debris from the base of the waterfall. It also allowed project experts and engineers to study the river bed and make mechanical changes to strengthen the area and rectify several faults for prevention of subsequent erosion of the falls.

In the report maintained by structural engineers, Friday the 13th 1969 saw a huger footfall of tourists who had come to see what had happened to the Niagara Falls. Some even ventured into the dry river bed. By the next day, engineers observed record footfalls as thousands of people converged on the area to view the unique phenomenon when the Niagara Falls ran dry.

Niagara-Falls-Dry Witnessed by thousands of tourists

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4 The waterfalls resume again on November 12th 1969

After geological tests and drilling in the waterbed to test the rock permeability was over, the decision to remove the dam was taken by November 1969. On 25th November 1969, the cofferdam was removed bit by bit and water flowed over the falls again. The event was a spectacular one witnessed by 2650 people including tourists, government representatives and the media.

Had it not been for this project, the falls would have ultimately eroded by today. The biggest reason for the impending erosion was two rockslides in 1931 and 1954 that caused huge amounts of rock deposits at the base of the falls which was ultimately removed when the Niagara Falls ran dry.

The waterfalls resume again on November 12th 1969

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