The Top 10 Best Guard Dogs for Family Security

4 German Shepherd

Yes we finally come to the king of all the best guard dogs. They have a worldwide reputation for a being the best police and military dogs and not without reason. Traditionally bred in Germany to herd sheep, their loyalty and protective instincts make them the easiest dog to train for multiple purposes. They are naturally alert at all the times and their sheer size is scary enough for many encroachers. Well trained German shepherd does not show any aggression towards family members.

German Shepherd

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3 Giant Schnauzer

As the name suggests this is a giant dog breed which is alert, courageous, bold and powerful. This breed of dog was the most favored breed during both the horrific world wars of our times. Like its compatriot the German shepherd, they are easy to train, agile and have strong territorial instincts which make them great guard dogs. A full grown Schnauzer measures 66-71 cms in height and weights up to 48nkgs. It has a menacing bark and will bite in event of a continuing threat.

Giant Schnauzer

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2 Doberman

The Doberman is the most popular breed in this list. It is versatile as a family loving and caring pooch as well as fierce bone breaking military dog. Its loyalty and love for the family makes Dobbie more than just a pet. If trained properly it can channelize its aggression in the right direction. Dobermans are not shy by nature and would immediately make an attack on any stranger or intruders before you can say no. In fact it’s barking can be quite intimidating and can keep many unwanted people away from your porch with just a snarl.

Doberman Dog Breed

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1 Bull Mastiff

All hands down the bull mastiff is THE best choice if you are looking for the best guard dog. With an intimidating look and strong protective instincts they are grimly protective as well as loving and caring to small kids of the house. Raise him not like a pet but a family member otherwise he might get destructive. Rest assured nothing unusual will happen with him not noticing. A full grown mastiff can reach up to 64-69 cms in height and 59 kilos in weight. A bull mastiff with that dimension can easily take down a six foot man easily.

Bullmastiff Dog Breed

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