Top 10 dog bad habits and what you should do about them

You love your dog but can’t seem to get rid of certain behavioral traits that you may not find acceptable. While of course you may put up with everything your fur kid does, it may not go down well with others. From another perspective, there are certain dog bad habits that you may not recognize as bad all because you are too close to your pet to regard it as such. Dogs are never born bad, they cultivate bad habits as a result of pampering, spoiling, lack of training and of course negligence. Here are 10 dog bad habits and their repercussions you need to know about.

10 Chewing

This is a common behavioral trait in most dogs. It is important to recognize what the dog is chewing too. Chewing can be a result of stress, boredom, teething and also lack of calcium. You need to teach your dog that chewing is acceptable only in the case of his own toys. You too need to substitute items such as doggy chewies or chewy toys that can give the dog a diversion from chewing on household items. Providing the dog hard edible chewies will reduce the plaque in his teeth, clean his teeth and also reduce the odor of his doggy breath.

Puppy biting shoes

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9 Jumping

Dogs love jumping on humans especially when they are excited. Male dogs especially if not trained earlier to recognize that he isn’t the alpha male in the house will jump on almost everyone he feels like. Dogs may jump out of love or even to display dominance. Jumping can cause injuries to humans, thus it is also important to keep your dogs nails trimmed. You need to train your dog not to jump from an early age.

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