Top 10 dog bad habits and what you should do about them

5 Slobbering/Hypersalivation

This is common dog bad habit for all dogs but is predominant in larger breeds. Slobbering can be a result of dental problems such as rotten teeth, decay, tartar, plaque or inflammation and dental irritation. Mastiffs, bloodhounds and Bulldogs are breeds that usually drool because of the physiology of their facial features. Only if slobbering is a result of a medical condition, it can’t be corrected as it is a natural behavioral trait.


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4 Dog Aggressiveness

Aggression can be a major problem with some dogs and should never be taken lightly. Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs tend to bark, growl, snarl or even attempt to attack and bite. Aggression can be the result of overt fear or a defense mechanism when forced into a situation such as walks in an area frequented by other dogs. Such behavior can only be corrected by training. When buying a dog, you should always consider the environment you will be placing him in as there are certain breeds prone to aggression over others.

Dog Aggressiveness

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3 Territorial Behavior

This is a common problem with dogs who feel that their territory such as a part of the house or area where walked belongs to them and needs defending. Even an area surrounding the dogs food could be construed as a private domain. Signs of territorial behavior are growling snarling, urinating on items in the house or aggression and biting. Such behavior can be corrected with proper behavioral training.

Territorial Behavior

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