Top 10 dog bad habits and what you should do about them

2 Excessive Barking

Excessive barking is a common behavioral trait found in smaller dogs however larger breeds can also resort to such behavior. Inappropriate or unnecessary barking is definitely a sign of a bad habit. A dog will usually bark when it senses the arrival of its owner, an intruder, to issue warnings, when excited or when playing. A dog’s bark will vary in tempo and frequency depending on the emotion he displays but this is common behavior when a dog barks for a reason. However incessant barking means there is a behavioral problem and can be corrected by training.

Excessive Barking

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1 House Soiling

Among bad dog habits soiling can also be a result of illness. There are many dogs that will urinate or poo in the bathroom of a home or an area allotted to them. However this needs to be cultivated from a young age. When a dog begins soiling different parts of the home, it could be due to stress, anxiety, or even a medical condition. Male dogs will usually resort to such a habit as a sign of territorial behavior. When you notice such a problem you should consult a vet to rule out medical issues. Never rebuke your dog or beat him or rub his nose in his urine as recommended by some, not only is that cruelty it does not teach a dog a thing because soiling is a animal trait and you need to look at it from n animals perspective and narrow down the reasons for the behavior.

House Soiling

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