Top 10 Unusual Borders That Are Too Complicated To Figure Out

Borders are imaginary (sometimes real) lines or partitions between cites of countries which politically separate each other. In present day, borders have become a source of unrest and tensions so much so that we always associate them with power, jurisdiction and even hegemony. However around the world there are unusual borders that are huge tourist attractions some for their stunning beauty and some for their peculiarity.

10 Ceuta, Spain – Morocco

Spain had to erect a 3 meter high border fence around the city of Ceuta which is an autonomous Spanish city 18.5 sq km wide located on the north coast of North Africa and entirely surrounded by morocco. Separated from the Iberian Peninsula by the straits of Gibraltar this city has a rather precarious situation. Morocco claims Ceuta as well as the autonomous Spanish city of Melilla and a number of Mediterranean islands bordering it. This has led to Spain building the fence.

Ceuta, Spain - Morocco

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9 Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog, Netherlands-Belgium

The borders between Netherlands and Belgium are so very complicated that they are hand painted on street blocks and local houses too! The borders are divided by the municipalities of Baarle- Nassau (Netherland) and Baale-Hertog (Belgium). The divisions are in parcels which sometimes overlap over each other’s boundaries. Borders are so complicated that even homes, cafes and shops are dissected by it. But it stops no one from mingling and having a good time.

Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog, Netherlands-Belgium

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8 Bir Tawil, Egypt-Sudan

Bir Tawil is plot of land located between Egypt and Sudan approximately 795 square miles in size. What makes it an unusual border is its history. The original border created in 1899 was changed to a new one by the British in 1902. This created two different regions namely Bir Tawil and Halaib. As Halaib is rich in natural resources, Egypt wants to return to the pre border state of 1899 that includes Halaib but Sudan disagrees and prefers to abide by the border of 1902. Bir Tawil is thus the only unclaimed land in the world.

Bir Tawil, Egypt-Sudan

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