The Top Ten Strangest and Most Peculiar Hotels in the World

3 Palacio De Sal, Saler De Uyuni, Bolivia

This hotel has actually taken the idea of ice hotels a step further by using salt to make this one the strangest hotels in the world. Don’t be mistaken these salt flats are luxurious apartments in the middle of Bolivian deserts. This 48,500 square foot hotel is made of salt with 30 simple but stylish rooms with wooden floorings each with a tiled bath and is strictly climate controlled; the dining room gives a beautiful panoramic view of all the 30 salt apartments, with exquisite meals including lamb and chicken dishes. The star filled sky light and serene environment gives this hotel a Zen like feeling for sure.

Palacio De Sal, Saler De Uyuni, Bolivia

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2 Santos Express, Mossel Bay, South Africa

The Santos express is a vintage 1920s train converted into a state of the art luxury hotel. Four passenger car have five double berths, with double beds, ocean view and a shared bath. An additional fifth car has 16 bunks beds for large groups of gusts and budget travelers. It also has a honeymoon cabin with its own bathroom and private patio. For executive guests there are 2 Royal suite cars with their own bath and kitchenette and is perfect for families who want the suites just for themselves. Santos beach is world famous for its blue flag beaches, so it offers many sea side activities.

Santos Express, Mossel Bay, South Africa

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1 Tree house lodge, Peru

Every child dreams is to live in a tree house. This Peruvian tree house is no doubt the strangest hotel in the world as it provides the complete rustic charm of a real tree house with all safety features and luxury amenties. It makes you feel seclude but safe in middle of an equatorial forest. The tree house has bathrooms with cold water showers. A walk through the suspended tree branches leads you to a common dining hall for sumptuous food and unforgettable dining experience. Guests can also enjoy a guided wildlife tour to view exotic species of the surroundings.

Tree house lodge, Peru

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