17 Unique Places of Natural Beauty That Not Everyone Knows Even Exist

Earth, they say is crammed with heaven and it is home to incredible beauty most of which we don’t even know about. There are places, phenomena, and natural objects that are so amaing that they could take your breath away the moment you see it. For example, did you know that precious minerals like opals grow on dead tree trunks in Arizona? No one knew that, or that there is a lake so beautiful in the mountains of India that it is called the lake of the gods? Check out this compilation of beautiful places and things that are stunning.

1 A cold and rainy afternoon at the Fairy Pools, Scotland

This was posted by a Redditor recently. It is an amazing shot of fairy pools in Scotland. Fairy Pools are natural waterfall phenomena found on the Island of Skye especially in the area of Glen Brittle. The pools are known for their vivid green and blue colors.

Image Source: preview.redd.it

2Torres Del Plaine, Chile

The Torres Del Plaine National Park is in Southern Chilean Patagonia consisting of valleys, mountains, lakes, and rivers. This was also found on Reddit and one of the most attractive areas of the park known as the Cordillera Del Paine.

Image Source: earthporn.org

34 levels of lakes in Norway

Found on redditor and posted by redditor maltezimakoff, can you believe something like this actually exists. These are four lakes existing adjacent to each other in Tind, Norway. The lakes are Stuvdalsvatnet, Tridalsvatnet, Fjerddalsvatnet, and Tennesvatnet.

Image Source: redd.it

4Sea stack that is 350 million years old

Image Source: www.earthlymission.com

80 meters from the Irish shore is a sea stack known as Dun Briste or Broken Fort. The most amazing thing about this natural formation is the multiple layers upon layers of multicolored rock strata formed over 350 million years ago during the Lower Carboniferous period, a period when sea temperatures were much higher on Earth.

Image Source: earthporn.org

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