Watch This Never Seen before Drone Video of California’s Glory Hole Finally Active After 10 Years

Glory hole is one of the most favorite attractions in the Napa Valley. As one of the largest spillways in the world, it is technically known as the morning glory spillway but is locally known as glory hole. The gigantic gaping hole on Lake Berryessa and the Monticello dam in Napa County can empty about 48,000 cubic feet of water per second when the dam is at full capacity.

1 After a ten year drought, Glory hole is overflowing again

However, a ten year drought has robbed the spillway of much of its spectacular features but of late glory hole is back in full steam spilling over with weather for the first time in ten years and drone footage over Glory hole is proving to be an incredible spectacle.

Glory hole is overflowing again

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2 Not a good place to swim

The location of Lake Berryessa near glory hole isn’t exactly a glorious place to swim as UC graduate Emily Schwaalen tragically drowned after being sucked into the hole in 1995.

Thereafter, swimming in the area is now prohibited and since then there has been no accidents in glory hole which has a gaping diameter of 72 meters.

Glory hole

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3 Fantastic drone footage of the overflowing Glory Hole

The Spillway is now active and in order to get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular phenomenon, people are using drone footage of Glory hole to get some fantastic shots and videos which are stunning.

Torrential rains in California have led to Glory hole overflowing again and the phenomenon is best viewed in the video below. The drone footage of glory hole is simply awesome.

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