This Man is Trapped in a Toddler’s Body Caused by a Mysterious Disease

You may have heard about the condition called progeria where children age before they time. Then of course, there was the famous movie “the curious case of Benjamin Button” where baby is born who looks like an 80 year old. However even more rare and curious is the condition of a man trapped in a toddlers body even though he wasn’t born that way. He just stopped growing physically.

22-year-old Manpreet Singh living in Ramditte, Wala village in Northern India is just 23 inches tall. He suffers from a rare illness that hasn’t just stunted his growth but also his ability to walk or speak.

1 Manpreet was born late after 10 and half months

Manpreet Singh can’t walk without support. He was born late after a gestation of 10 and a half months and his mother Manjeet Kaur soon realized that there was something wrong with him and neither could he speak. The child was afflicted with a mysterious illness and he grew into a man trapped in a toddler’s body.

Singh’s mother was initially told she couldn’t have children at first but he was born soon after. Although they have been to doctors, none have been able to diagnose the mysterious illness in which his growth hormones have been stunted.

Manpreet Singh

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