What Would Happen If The Earth Was Actually Flat

There are many pages and sites advocating the so called flat earth theory which scientifically isn’t possible. There are huge laws of physics and gravity that come into play here that could not and will not support such a notion. These facts will open your eyes to such promoted misconceptions showing you what would happen if the earth turned out flat.

1So what if the Earth actually turned out flat

Such a theory would also lead to the questions, how would gravity work? What about time zones? Would there be change of seasons. What about daily activities or day and night. Would life also exist?? Well If and that’s a big IF the earth was flat, here’s what would happen.

what if the Earth is flat

Image Source: video-images.vice.com

2Gravity would be too strong

It is the force of gravity that keeps a planet together making a planet what it is. If the earth happened to be flat and shaped like a pancake, then gravity would be concentrated towards the center of the earth and the pull of gravity would be extremely strong.

Gravity would be too strong

Image Source: ancient-code.com

3You won’t be able to walk towards the edge

The force of gravity would be so strong upon you that, your body will be pulled back bending it backwards making the ground feel like a slope getting steeper with every step.

walk towards the edge

Image Source: www.scienceabc.com

4It would make you feel as if you were climbing a steep hill

Each step you take towards the edge of the earth would be a mammoth effort making it really difficult as if climbing a mountain or a steep hill that just keeps getting steeper.

climbing a steep hill

Image Source: www.tingtau.com

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