What Would Happen If The Earth Was Actually Flat

5Behind you and down would be the same

When you finally reach the edge, looking behind you and looking down would be the same thing and then you would feel like Jack and Rose’s last moments on the Titanic as they are pulled into the ocean.

6Water and trees

Water would get sucked into the centre of the earth and trees would start growing diagonally away from the centre of gravity.

trees would start growing diagonally

Image Source: www.pinterest.co.uk

7A flat earth in space

According to flat earth theorists, the sun revolves around the earth. What would happen if the sun actually did revolve in space unlike the present condition of the earth around the sun?

A flat earth in space

Image Source: www.autoevolution.com

8There would be no time zones

Because of no time zones, you won’t be suffering jet lag.

no time zone

Image Source: www.lingofacts.com

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