What Would Happen If The Earth Was Actually Flat

9There would only be daylight

The sun would be lighting up both the top and bottom of the planet. There will be no seasons like summer and winter and neither will you see things like a solar eclipse.

There would only be daylight

Image Source: www.nmbreakthroughs.org

10There would be no geomagnetic field to prevent the planet from being fried by the sun

If the sun was as big as it is now, it may just fry the planet to a crisp because of the absence of a geomagnetic field to protect the earth from radiation. The geomagnetic field is generated in earth’s core and prevents the escape of the earth’s atmosphere.

11No geomagnetic protection means we would be bombarded by cosmic rays

The absence of geomagnetic rays and no atmosphere would result in the earth being bombarded by cosmic rays that would cause disease like cancer and DNA degeneration.

No geomagnetic protection

Image Source: www.internapcdn.net

12The oceans would fly into space

Yes not just the oceans but the earth’s atmosphere, air and oxygen would all escape into space in the absence of geomagnetic protection.

The oceans would fly into space

Image Source: quoracdn.net

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