What Would Happen If The Earth Was Actually Flat

17There would be no ATM or credit cards

Because of no satellite facilities and synchronized time, there would be no ATM’s and credit cards. There won’t be high-speed monetary stock market transactions.

There would be no ATM or credit cards

Image Source: www.indiatvnews.com

18With binoculars you could see any part of earth

This is the only benefit from a tourist point of view that with a good pair of binoculars, you could see any part of the earth such as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa from any part of the planet.

Burj Khalifa dubai

Image Source: www.grouponcdn.com

19You don’t need theories to know the earth is round, ask the astronauts

If you aren’t one who believes space travel is a conspiracy made up in high security scenarios and astronauts have been to the moon and there is a space station orbiting us, then you too will agree to this picture from space which is the ultimate proof that the earth is ROUND and there can be no such thing as a flat earth.

earth is round

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