When a Woman Finds This Creature Yelping in The Street, She Immediately Calls for Help

When 85 year Gwen Maxwell left her home she saw an animal which looked like a puppy crossing the street. The animal was unable to move and when she took a closer look, she was shocked. The poor little thing was covered in cacti and was no doubt in tremendous pain.

When she stopped to see in what way she could help it, she received an even bigger surprise because it wasn’t a dog after all. The woman discovered a coyote pup who seemed just a few weeks old.

1 The little creature was helpless and in pain

The helpless creature was covered in chola cacti with needles sticking out of its shoulders, legs and face.

Gwen asked some neighbors for help even as the little pup collapsed in the heat. For Gwen it was a sad and depressing sight. “He’d get up and tumble around with all those Cholas on him, and it was just so heartbreaking,” she said.

 little creature was helpless and in pain

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2 Gwen even spotted the mother looking at them helping the pup

When the woman had discovered a coyote pup, she knew she wouldn’t leave it to its fate. The pup’s mother seemed reassured because Gwen noticed that while they were trying to help the pup, the mother was spotted nearby watching her. In fact she also kept returning to Gwen’s backyard where she maintained a constant vigil.

When two men from the adjacent golf course arrived, they devised a plan to help the coyote baby.

coyote pup

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3 The coyote pup did not make a sound

Using heavy gloves and with pliers, they began pulling out the thorns from the pup’s fur.

The coyote pup

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