The World’s Fastest Transport System the Hyperloop Is Underway, Here’s What You Need to Know

How would you feel riding in futuristic transportation that has you sitting in a sleek pod-like capsule that is levitating in a low-pressure steel tube constructed across the country? That’s exactly what it will be riding in a hyperloop, the incredible transportation of the future envisioned by Elon Musk the Entrepreneur famed for his visionary concepts of adapting technology for living and who says that the hyperloop will be the transportation on Mars.

1The hyperloop, the new age transport of the future

The hyperloop isn’t just a blueprint on paper, in fact in conceiving the new age idea, Musk also threw open the challenge to companies to develop the technology and that is exactly what is being done by the likes of tech companies like Virgin Hyperloop One.

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2India may soon host the world’s first hyperloop transport system

In fact, Virgin Hyperloop One is also building the transport system in believe it or not India who may well become the first country in the world with a hyperloop transport system. The project already approved by the Indian government is expected to be a multibillion-dollar deal that will not come from the taxpayer but instead funds donated by collaboration companies like DP World and private investors.

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3The hyperloop can shorten a distance that takes 3.5 hours to 30 minutes

The hyperloop is now a huge project where several companies are throwing in their money to get it off the ground. Virgin Hyperloop One and a Dubai based firm DP World are collaborating to build a hyperloop system between the cities of Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, India. Advocates of the hyperloop say that technology is much more sustainable than air travel and will even be faster than a bullet train.

If successful, it will shorten the distance between the two cities from 3.5 hours to 30 minutes. The project being funded by DP world and private investors is expected to run into billions of dollars. The question remains is when will any of us get to ride this fantastic hi-tech vehicle of the space age.

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4First introduced by Elon Musk

The Hyperloop was first introduced by Elon Musk who made it an open-source tech to see if companies could build upon the design and make it reality. Companies in the running for launching the hyperloop system are Virgin Hyperloop building the system in India and Europe’s Hardt Hyperloop, both competing to see who will win the race. Hardt is run by Tim Houter and a team of students who won Elon Musk’s hyperloop competition in 2017.

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