The World’s Fastest Transport System the Hyperloop Is Underway, Here’s What You Need to Know

5What is the hyperloop

The hyperloop works as a transportation pod or capsule that runs through large tubes using magnets. Hardt says it has even enhanced the technology that will allow pods to switch from one lane to another without any movable parts similar to cars on a highway.

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6Powered by solar

The technology is powered by solar panels lining the surface of the tubes that are also fitted with energy capacitors to maintain power supply at night and in cloudy conditions. It will reach speeds that cannot be handled by humans and as such runs in a straight line making the claim by Hardt an impressive one.

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7The construction is devised to manage high speed travel

The pods will be made if durable aluminium and will contain skis also made from a SpaceX alloy called Inconel. All of these will be constructed and devised to manage the high pressure and heat generated from the high-speed travel.

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8Successfully tested in Las Vegas

Hyperloop technology utilizes electric propulsion and magnetic levitation to move pods at unimaginable speed through transit tubes or tunnels. Virgin Hyperloop One has already advanced to successful testing in Las Vegas with pods travelling at 240 mph. With longer tracks, the speeds will increase to 700 mph.

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