The World’s Fastest Transport System the Hyperloop Is Underway, Here’s What You Need to Know

9A greener and eco-friendly way of travel

The Hyperloop proposes to be greener and eco-friendly way of travel although those involved in the projects say there could be some environmental impact in the testing phase. Hardt CEO Tim Houter says “It’s 10 times more efficient than airplane and even more efficient than trains,” says Tim Houter, CEO and co-founder of Hardt Hyperloop. Virgin Hyperloop One’s Kelly says the tech will be about five times more energy-efficient than short-haul flights.”

However, it could prove a costly affair where intercontinental travel is concerned and is more suited as an alternative to short budget flights.

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10Challenges faced by the hyperloop

The challenges facing the hyperloop are concerns raked up by experts in terms of safety and human tolerance of such high speeds. Some feel that it could be quite an extreme ride for aged persons however, Virgin Hyperloop One says that the pods are perfectly safe and suitable for all.

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11Perfectly safe says manufacturers

The CEO says that Being in a closed environment gets rid of a lot of safety concerns that rail has — and even autonomous vehicles,” he says. “Our mission is to make this the most boring trip of your life. We want it to be comfortable, we don’t want it to be a roller coaster.”

While the tubes will need to withstand natural disasters, concerns will need to be addressed how people will be evacuated from a pod in the case of an emergency.

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12How affordable is it

At any given peak hour, the hyperloop could transport 16000 passengers per hour. Hyperloop companies are looking to see how affordable they could make the transport for an average passenger where ticket prices should be in line with other mass transit options. Virgin Hyperloop One says that a possible ride between St Louis to Kansas City may cost $30.

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