World’s First Remote Controlled Passenger Drone Taxi Service to Launch in Dubai This Summer

We are well and truly moving in to the 21st century. Imagine the time when you read about flying cars and taxis in space age comics, well the real thing is now here and in a country such as Dubai where the world’s first passenger drone air taxis is all set for launch in summer.

Dubai city officials have confirmed that the commercial service of passenger drone air taxis is scheduled for September. Kit will be using the EHang 184 personal flying Vehicle that blew everyone’s mind at the Consumer electronics show early in the year.

1 The EHang 184 is manufactured in China

The EHang 184 FPV is a supersized quadcopter manufactured by a company in China who also makes the Ghost line of hobby drones. The air passenger taxi drone service will start in summer using the same EHang model which has a range of 50km. Operated by Battery, a single charge will enable it to fly for 30 minutes at a stretch.

The announcement was made by Dubai Authorities at the World Government Summit held recently.

The EHang 184 is manufactured in China

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2 The drone service will carry only VIPs

The EHang passenger drone can carry weights upto 100 kg with a small suitcase. Although the average speed is 60 mph it can attain speeds upto 100 mph. Dubai official Mattar–al-Tayer stated at the conference that the passenger drone air taxis have been tested and is set for launch in July. “This is not only a model,” “We have actually experimented with this vehicle flying in Dubai’s skies.” Stated Tayer.

The taxi drone will be piloted automatically along a predetermined flight plan. Initially it will be meant only for VIP’s and run across routes that feature heavy traffic which includes the Dubai international airport.

The drone service will carry only VIPs

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