The Worlds Tiniest Homes Will Change Your Mind That Big Is Beautiful

Big isn’t always the best as these quaint little houses you see here will tell you. Now most people would love living in a lavish country styled home, but there are many out there who prefer the basics of living and will be happy to live in a pretty little log cabin in the woods. Behind the worlds tiny homes is one common theme and that is the immense creativity behind making the most of limited space and equally beautiful architecture. Take a look at 12 of the world’s tiniest houses to warm your heart.

12 The Hobbit House – Wales, UK

This of course is straight out of LOTR and it took photographer Simon Dale just a couple of thousand dollars to recreate. It was finished in a couple of months and is ll of just 645 sq feet. It comes complete with a special compost toilet, insulated flooring and roof, and a natural fridge cooled by underground air coming through the foundations

The Hobbit House – Wales, UK

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11 The Hori No Uchi House – Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese loves being minimalistic and small homes are quite a rage in Japan. Creative architects have used the remaining space on the edge of a street to build this sleek little home on 595 sq feet of land. It has a loft area that doubles as a children’s playroom.

The Hori No Uchi House – Tokyo, Japan

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10 Tiny Tack House – Snohomish, Wa, USA

Owned by Chris and Melissa Tack a photographer and 3D designer respectively, they couple fascinated with tiny houses recreated their own little tiny home measuring just 140 sq feet. The house is powered by solar power and has its own fresh water tank and multipurpose features like a living room bench cum bed.

Tiny Tack House – Snohomish

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9 The Raven Loft – Pender Island, Canada

Graduate student Geoff de Ruiter follows a sustainable and basic lifestyle. He thus created his own little home perched between pines. The house measures 165 sq ft and was constructed from recycled material heated by electric baseboard. Lighting in the house consists of two 100 watt light bulbs and 6 candles.

The Raven Loft – Pender Island, Canada

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