The Worlds Tiniest Homes Will Change Your Mind That Big Is Beautiful

4 Cabin in the Woods, Finland

Finland allows the building of small houses less than 128 sq feet without permits. This little cabin was built in 2010 by a designer who loved hiking in the woods and wanted a living space within a short time. It took just two weeks for the house to be built.

Cabin in the Woods, Finland

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3 Little Small Smart Home, Oregon

This little cottage styled trailer has been designed by a company called Tiny Heirloom. It is a portable home complete with fire lighting, voice activated door locks, automatic thermostats, propane level readings and blue tooth surround sound system. It does not need a permit for moving it.

Little Small Smart Home, Oregon

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2 Little house Toronto

Built in 1912, this house was built in the space between two houses. The occupants a builder couple lived in it for 20 years. The quaint cottage has everything including a pull out bed lounge, kitchen, laundry room and a little backyard.

Little house Toronto

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1 Smallest House in Great Britain

One of the worlds tiniest homes in the right sense and known also as the Quay house, the Smallest House in Britain is a big tourist attraction in Conwy, Wales. It measures only 10 ft by 6 ft and was built some time in 1900 when its occupant was a 6 foot 3 fisherman. The house has a stove, water tap, bed and cabinet.


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